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Dr. David Berlin is a composer, music educator and educational content developer. He took two bachelors and two masters degrees at Carnegie Mellon University and his doctorate at West Virginia University. In addition to the MENC, PMEA and numerous other professional organizations for educators and composers he is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, the Society of Composers and was one of the founding composer members of the Pittsburgh Alliance of Composers. For thirty four years he was a full-time member of the music faculty at North Allegheny where he taught music theory, composition, electronic music A.P. music, multi-media arts and instrumental music.

He is extremely active in service to the profession. He served on committees which wrote model music curriculum for the state of Pennsylvania, the NAEP committee which was a design team for the national assessment, the arts design team for the state assessment. He worked on project PATT which is the arts and sciences assessment design group for the state of Pennsylvania. He served on the North Allegheny School District Strategic Planning Committee and other subcommittees. Dr. Berlin has been one of the adjudicators for the Governors School and is one of the reviewers of strategic plans which are submitted by school districts to the state. He frequently consults and gives presentations, workshops and clinics at conferences and schools. He was Coordinator of Graduate Studies and still teaches part time at Carnegie-Mellon University.

David Berlin has received numerous grants, awards and honors in both composition and in education. He was the first music educator in district 1 to receive the PMEA Citation of Excellence. His composition titled SYNERGISM received the Salop-Slates Award for "significant contribution to wind and string chamber music literature". His music has been commissioned, performed and broadcast nationally and internationally and has been performed on many important national and international events. He has developed interactive multi-media projects for McKeown InterArts Productions, the Pennsylvania Department of Education and his own classroom.

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